Welcome to a visual journey through the world of Hindi vowels and consonants! In this article, we bring you an immersive learning experience with stunning HD pictures that are available for free.

Hindi Letters With Pictures
Hindi Letters With Pictures

Hindi, one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, has a unique script, and mastering its vowels and consonants is the first step towards becoming proficient in the language.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to start your Hindi learning journey or someone looking to refresh their knowledge, these HD pictures will make the process enjoyable and effective.

52 Letters of Hindi Alphabets: Your Key to Language Proficiency

The Hindi alphabet, known as the “Devanagari script,” is a beautiful and intricate system that forms the foundation of the Hindi language.

It consists of a total of 52 letters, which are divided into vowels (स्वर) and consonants (व्यंजन). Understanding these letters is the key to mastering the Hindi language.

Hindi Letters Numbers
Vowels  11
Consonants 33
Compound Consonants 4
Doubled Consonants 2
Special Characters 2
Total 52

Vowels (स्वर – 11):

  1. अ (a)
  2. आ (aa)
  3. इ (i)
  4. ई (ii)
  5. उ (u)
  6. ऊ (uu)
  7. ऋ (ri)
  8. ए (e)
  9. ऐ (ai)
  10. ओ (o)
  11. औ (au)

Consonants (व्यंजन – 33):

  1. क (ka)
  2. ख (kha)
  3. ग (ga)
  4. घ (gha)
  5. ङ (nga)
  6. च (cha)
  7. छ (chha)
  8. ज (ja)
  9. झ (jha)
  10. ञ (nya)
  11. ट (ṭa)
  12. ठ (ṭha)
  13. ड (ḍa)
  14. ढ (ḍha)
  15. ण (ṇa)
  16. त (ta)
  17. थ (tha)
  18. द (da)
  19. ध (dha)
  20. न (na)
  21. प (pa)
  22. फ (pha)
  23. ब (ba)
  24. भ (bha)
  25. म (ma)
  26. य (ya)
  27. र (ra)
  28. ल (la)
  29. व (va)
  30. श (sha)
  31. ष (ṣa)
  32. स (sa)
  33. ह (ha)

Compound Consonants (संयुक्त व्यंजन – 4):

  1. क्ष (kṣa)
  2. त्र (tra)
  3. ज्ञ (jña)
  4. श्र (śra)

Doubled Consonants (द्विगुण व्यंजन – 2):

  1. ड़ (ṛa)
  2. ढ़ (ṛha)

Special Characters:

  1. अं (anusvara)
  2. अः (visarga)

Hindi Consonants With Pictures

Introducing Hindi Consonants With Pictures – a must-have free resource for every parent and educator! If you want to give your children a head start in learning Hindi, look no further. This amazing tool is designed to make the process of learning Hindi consonants not only fun but also incredibly effective.

Hindi Alphabets

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Not only does this resource help children learn the correct pronunciation of Hindi consonants, but it also aids in expanding their vocabulary.

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बारहखड़ी फोटो

Hindi Vowels With Pictures

Introducing Hindi Vowels With Pictures – the perfect resource to kickstart your child’s Hindi learning journey! This free offering on our website is designed exclusively for educational purposes, making it a must-have tool for parents and teachers alike.

Unlock the magic of learning with vibrant visuals that bring each vowel to life. From A (अ) to E (इ), I (ई) to U (उ), this comprehensive collection of pictures helps children associate the shape of each letter with real-life objects. The captivating visuals instantly captivate young minds, making their language-learning experience both enjoyable and effective.

13 swar in hindi varnamala

With Hindi Vowels With Pictures, you can empower your kids by giving them a head start in mastering the Hindi language. By utilizing this user-friendly resource, you’ll be able to effortlessly introduce your little ones to the essential building blocks of reading and writing in Hindi while fostering their creativity through engaging visuals.

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Conclusion Points

In conclusion, learning Hindi vowels and consonants is an essential foundation for anyone looking to speak, read, and write in this beautiful language. With the aid of stunning HD pictures that are readily available for free, the learning process becomes not only educational but also visually engaging and enjoyable.

Understanding the Hindi alphabet with its 52 letters, including vowels, consonants, compound consonants, doubled consonants, anusvara, and visarga, is essential for anyone looking to become proficient in the Hindi language. These letters form the basis of communication in Hindi and are the first step toward reading, writing, and speaking fluently.

If you have any questions or need further clarification about the Hindi alphabet, feel free to ask. We hope this resource has been valuable in your quest to explore and understand the intricacies of Hindi script. Happy learning!

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