With the increasing popularity of Hindi language, searching for the right letters and words to put together has become easier than ever. 

For those who are learning the language or want to brush up on their pronunciation, there exist multiple resources online that provide Hindi letters with pictures, Hindi vyanjan letters, and Hindi varnamala with pictures. 

In this article, we will explore how you can use these resources to your advantage and learn more about the Hindi language.

Hindi Letters With Pictures

Hindi Letters With Pictures
Hindi Letters With Pictures

For those who want to learn Hindi but don’t know where to start, using Hindi letters with pictures can be a great way to get started.

With these helpful images, beginners can quickly and easily understand how different letters are pronounced and written. 

The best part about learning through these images is that each letter has an accompanying picture that helps make the letter easier to remember. 

This makes it easier for people who may not have any background knowledge in Hindi or any other language for that matter. 

These pictures are free for downloading so anyone can access them from their computer or phone and use them as often as needed until they become familiar with all of the letters.

Hindi Vyanjan Photos

Hindi Vyanjan Ka Kha Ga Gha

Hindi Vyanjan Photos is a free photo library designed to help people learn how to use the Hindi language. This free resource provides users with a variety of photos in high-resolution format that can be used for educational or entertainment purposes. 

The library includes photos related to everyday life, nature scenes, and cultural events in India. With these images, users can explore the world of Hindi words and phrases while enjoying stunning visuals at the same time. 

Using Hindi Vyanjan Photos is simple and easy: just search through the library using keywords like “culture,” “nature,” or “people” to find relevant images. 

High-resolution versions of every image are also available for downloading so that you can use them however you’d like—from creating posters and flyers to designing websites or mobile apps. With this free resource, learning how to speak Hindi has never been easier!

Hindi Varnamala With Pictures

kids Hindi Alphabets book

According to your convenience, you can select photos if you want. Or if you want to redesign it, then for that you can copy the text given below.

Hindi vyanjan letters with pictures and text version here. You can download and print the photo or copy the text.

Hindi Vyanjan Text Version

  • (K) क 
  • (Kha) ख 
  • (Ga) ग 
  • (Gha) घ 
  • (Nya) ड 
  • (Cha) च 
  • (Chha) छ 
  • (Ja) ज 
  • (Jha) झ 
  • (Na) ञ 
  • (Ta) ट 
  • (Tha) ठ 
  • (Da) ड 
  • (Dha) ढ 
  • (Na) ण 
  • (Ta) त 
  • (Tha) थ 
  • (Da) द 
  • (Dha) ध 
  • (Na) न 
  • (Pa) प 
  • (Fha) फ 
  • (Ba) ब 
  • (Bha) भ 
  • (Ma) म 
  • (Ya) य 
  • (Ra) र 
  • (La) ल 
  • (Va) व 
  • (Sha) श 
  • (Sha) ष 
  • (Sa) स 
  • (Ha) ह 
  • (Ksha) क्ष 
  • (Tra) त्र 
  • (Gya) ज्ञ. 

Hindi Vyanjan Words

Table Details
  • 1 = Serial Number 
  • 2 = Hindi Letters
  • 3 = In English 
  • 4 = Hindi Words
  • 5 = English Words 
1 2 3 4 5
1 Ka कमल Kamal
2 Kha खरगोश Khargosh
3 Ga गर्मी Garmi
4 Gha घंटा Ghanta
5 Nh * *
6 Cha चम्मच Chammach
7 Chha छतरी Chhatri
8 Ja जग Jag
9 Jha झंडा Jhanda
10 Ny * *
11 Ta टमाटर Tamatar
12 Tha ठग – Thag
13 Da डमरू Damru
14 Dha ढक्कन Dhakkan
15 Nh * *
16 Ta तरबूज Tarbuj
17 Tha थरमस Tharmas
18 Da दवाई Dawai
19 Dha धनिया Dhaniya
20 Na नल Nal
21 Pa पानी Pani
22 Pha फल Phal
23 Ba बकरी Bakri
24 Bha भालू Bhallu
25 Ma मंदिर Mandir
26 Ya यादास्त Yaddasht
27 Ra राम Ram
28 La लगन Lagan
29 Va वन Van
30 Sha शगुन Shagun
31 Shha षटकोण Shhatkon
32 Sa समय Samay
33 Ha हवा Hawa
34 क्ष Ksha क्षमा Kshama
35 ज्ञ Jna ज्ञान Gyan
36 त्र Tri त्रिपाल Tripal
37 श्र Shra * *
38 ड़ Dh * *
39 ढ़ Rha * *
40 a अनार Anaar
41 aa आम Aam
42 i इमली Imalee
43 ee ईख Eekh
44 u उल्लू Ulloo
45 oo ऊन Oon
46 Ri ऋषि Rshi
47 e एक Ek
48 ai ऐनक Ainak
49 o ओखली Okhalee
50 ou औकात Oukat
51 अं an अंगूठा Angootha
52 अः aha अहंकार Ahankaar

How to teach Hindi alphabets Swar and Vyanjan to your dear children

Learning the Hindi alphabets Swar and Vyanjan is an important step in teaching your children how to read and write in Hindi. With a few simple strategies, you can help your children learn these alphabets quickly and easily. 

Here are some tips on how to teach the Hindi alphabets Swar and Vyanjan to your dear children.

Start off by introducing them to each of the letters one at a time. Show them the written form of each letter on a piece of paper, along with its pronunciation and meaning. 

Then use books or online resources to help them practise writing it correctly. You can also use fun activities like word searches or matching games as part of their learning process. 

Incorporate plenty of repetition into their lessons so they get used to recognizing and using these letters confidently.

Conclusion Points

Hindi is a language spoken by millions of people around the world and it has its own alphabet. 

Learning how to read and write these letters can be challenging but with the help of Hindi Vyanjan Letters With Pictures, it’s easier than ever! This helpful resource provides all of the letters along with their corresponding pictures in one convenient place. 

Each letter is accompanied by an easy-to-understand illustration so that readers can quickly learn how to read and write them. Additionally, it includes a full varnamala for reference. 

This guide makes learning Hindi fun and accessible for everyone – regardless of age or language proficiency!

Whether you’re just getting started or have been studying Hindi for years, this resource will help you master the basics of writing in this beautiful language.

Thank you very much for accessing the website. Hope you have liked the article related to Hindi Vyanjan Letters With Pictures.

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