Are you searching through the Hindi alphabets with words in the English? Then this can be a great article for you.

Learning the Hindi language is an incredibly rewarding experience. With its many dialects, rich vocabulary, and intricate grammar rules, Hindi can be both a challenge and a great source of pride for those who make it their goal to become proficient. 

hindi alphabet words
Hindi Letters words In English

Understanding the alphabet is fundamental to this journey. Here, we will explore what you need to know about Hindi alphabet words, letters with words, varnamala words, alphabet list, vyanjan words, swarakshar letters and letter words.

The Hindi alphabet consists of 13 vowels and 39 consonants, making it one of the most complex writing systems around.

This article will provide some helpful tips on learning the basics of the Hindi alphabet in English so that even beginners can get started.

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  • Four Letters Words.

Discover How to Read and Write Hindi Alphabet in English

Are you looking for an easier way to learn the Hindi alphabet in English ? Whether you are a student preparing for an exam or a traveller wanting to communicate with locals in India, understanding how to read and write the Hindi language is essential. 

Table Details 
  • 1 = Serial 
  • 2 = Hindi Letters
  • 3 = English Sounds
  • 4 = Hindi Words
  • 5 = Hindi Words In English .
1 2 3 4 5
1 Ka कमल Kamal
2 Kha खरगोश Khargosh
3 Ga गर्मी Garmi
4 Gha घंटा Ghanta
5 Nh * *
6 Cha चम्मच Chammach
7 Chha छतरी Chhatri
8 Ja जग Jag
9 Jha झंडा Jhanda
10 Ny * *
11 Ta टमाटर Tamatar
12 Tha ठग – Thag
13 Da डमरू Damru
14 Dha ढक्कन Dhakkan
15 Nh * *
16 Ta तरबूज Tarbuj
17 Tha थरमस Tharmas
18 Da दवाई Dawai
19 Dha धनिया Dhaniya
20 Na नल Nal
21 Pa पानी Pani
22 Pha फल Phal
23 Ba बकरी Bakri
24 Bha भालू Bhallu
25 Ma मंदिर Mandir
26 Ya यादास्त Yaddasht
27 Ra राम Ram
28 La लगन Lagan
29 Va वन Van
30 Sha शगुन Shagun
31 Shha षटकोण Shhatkon
32 Sa समय Samay
33 Ha हवा Hawa
34 क्ष Ksha क्षमा Kshama
35 ज्ञ Jna ज्ञान Gyan
36 त्र Tri त्रिपाल Tripal
37 श्र Shra * *
38 ड़ Dh * *
39 ढ़ Rha * *
40 a अनार Anaar
41 aa आम Aam
42 i इमली Imalee
43 ee ईख Eekh
44 u उल्लू Ulloo
45 oo ऊन Oon
46 Ri ऋषि Rshi
47 e एक Ek
48 ai ऐनक Ainak
49 o ओखली Okhalee
50 ou औकात Oukat
51 अं an अंगूठा Angootha
52 अः aha अहंकार Ahankaar.

Luckily, each letter has its own unique sound which allows readers to differentiate between them. To begin reading and writing in Hindi with confidence, it’s important to first understand how each letter is pronounced as well as its corresponding English translation. 

Once you have a good grasp on these concepts, you’ll be able to recognize new words quickly and start forming sentences with ease.

Amazing Ways to Enhance Your Vocabulary Through Hindi Letters With Words

Learning an Indian language such as Hindi can be difficult and intimidating. However, with the help of Hindi letters with words, you can easily enhance your vocabulary in this beautiful language. Here are some amazing ways to do just that! 

Firstly, it is essential to become familiar with the written alphabet of Hindi before attempting to learn any new words. Familiarising yourself with each letter in the form of visual aids or letter charts will help you when trying to match letters with words later on. 

Secondly, after becoming familiarised with the letters, try writing down each letter and its corresponding sound out loud as a way to practise pronunciation and memorization skills. 

Writing down frequently used words like “hello” and “goodbye” will also be beneficial for practising reading word recognition for future conversations in Hindi.

Explore the Benefits of Hindi Alphabet Words

Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in India and around the world. As part of this language, Hindi alphabet words play a key role in communication and understanding. 

There are many benefits to exploring these words, from mastering a new language to learning about culture and history.

The first benefit that comes with exploring Hindi alphabet words is gaining an increased knowledge of the language itself. 

Learning how to pronounce each word correctly can help communicate more effectively with native speakers and allow for smoother conversations. 

Additionally, those who take the time to learn more about Hindi alphabet words can also gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture, as each word has its own meaning behind it.

From improving conversational skills to expanding cultural knowledge, there’s plenty to be gained by studying Hindi alphabet words.

Why You Should Learn Hindi Varnamala Words Today

Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, and its varnamala words are an essential part of learning it. 

Words from the Hindi Varnamala are used throughout India in everyday conversation as well as in literature and other written works. Knowing these words can help you to deepen your understanding of the language and culture.

Learning Hindi Varnamala words can be a fun and rewarding activity for anyone who wants to learn more about this ancient language. 

By studying these words, you will gain a better understanding of how language evolved over time, enabling you to more accurately pronounce different sounds when speaking or writing Hindi. 

You’ll also become familiar with many new vocabulary words that may be useful when conversing with native speakers or reading Indian texts.

Revealing Trick to Help Kids Memorise Hindi Alphabet List

Memorising the Hindi alphabet list can be difficult. But there is a simple trick that can help kids remember it with ease. Once they learn this trick, their ability to recall all the Hindi vyanjan words will improve drastically.

This trick involves using visual aids and associating each letter of the alphabet with an object or image related to it. 

For example, if someone was trying to memorise ‘ब’, they could imagine a bee buzzing around the letter and using that imagery to form an association in their mind. 

This approach helps them create vivid mental pictures for each letter which improves their memory retention of the entire alphabet list.

As you know 52 are the latest in the Hindi alphabets. But there are four such latest words, from which no words start. The Hindi alphabet does not begin with the chart alphabet in Hindi.

Hindi Two Letter Words

  • क + ल => कल kal
  • ख + ग => खग khag
  • ग + ज => गज gaj
  • घ + र => घर ghar
  • ड. **
  • च + ख => चख chakh
  • छ + त => छत chhat
  • ज + ल => जल jal
  • झ + ट => झट jhaT
  • ञ **
  • ट + प => टप Tap
  • ठ + ग => ठग Thag
  • ड + र => डर Dar
  • ड़ **
  • ढ + क => ढक Dhak
  • ढ़ **
  • ण **
  • त + न => तन tan
  • थ + ल => थल thal
  • द + र => दर dar
  • ध + न => धन dhan
  • न + ल => नल nal
  • प + ग => पग pag
  • फ + ल => फल phal
  • ब + ल => बल bal
  • भ + य => भय bhay
  • म + न => मन man
  • य + ज्ञ => यज्ञ Yajna/Yagya
  • र + थ => रथ rath
  • ल + ट => लट laT
  • व + न => वन van
  • श + त => शत shat
  • ष + ट => षट ShaT
  • स + त्र => सत्र satra
  • श्र + म => श्रम shram
  • ह + म => हम ham
  • क्ष + य => क्षय kshay
  • त्र + य => त्रय tray
  • ज्ञान => Gyan/jnan.

Hindi Three Letter Words

  • अ + ल + ख =>अलख alakh
  • क + ल + श =>कलश kalash
  • ख + न + क =>खनक khanak
  • ग + र + ल =>गरल garal
  • घ + ट + क =>घटक ghaTak
  • च + म + क =>चमक chamak
  • छ + त + र =>छतर chhatar
  • ज + न + क =>जनक janak
  • झ + ल + क =>झलक jhalak
  • ट + ह + ल =>टहल Tahal
  • ठ + स + क =>ठसक Thasak
  • ड + ग + र =>डगर Dagar
  • त + र + ल =>तरल taral
  • थ + प + क =>थपक thapak
  • द + म + क =>दमक damak
  • ध + व + ल =>धवल dhaval
  • न + म + क =>नमक namak
  • प + ल + क =>पलक palak
  • फ + स + ल =>फसल phasal
  • ब + च + त =>बचत bachat
  • भ + र + त =>भरत bharat
  • म + ट + र =>मटर maTar
  • य + व + न =>यवन yavan
  • र + म + न =>रमन raman
  • ल + व + ण =>लवण lavan
  • व + च + न =>वचन vachan
  • श + ह + द =>शहद shahad
  • स + ड़ + क =>सड़क saRak
  • ह + व + न =>हवन havan.

Hindi Four Letter Words

  • अ + र + ह + र =>अरहर arhar
  • क + ट + ह + ल =>कटहल kaThal
  • क + र + त + ल =>करतल kartal
  • क + ल + क + ल =>कलकल kalkal
  • क + ल + र + व =>कलरव kalrav
  • ग + र + द + न =>गरदन gardan
  • त + र + क + श =>तरकश tarkash
  • द + ल + द + ल =>दलदल daldal
  • न + ट + ख + ट =>नटखट naTkhaT
  • प + त + झ + ड़ =>पतझड़ patjhaR
  • प + न + घ + ट =>पनघट panghaT
  • ब + र + त + न =>बरतन bartan
  • म + ल + म + ल =>मलमल malmal
  • श + र + ब + त =>शरबत sharbat
  • स + र + ग + म =>सरगम sargam
  • ह + ल + च + ल =>हलचल halchal.

Hindi Swarakshar

  • अ (A) – अनार, अब, अमर, अगर, अजगर .
  • आ (Aa) – आम, आदमी, आंसू, आज, आंख.
  • इ (I) – इमली, इटली, इत्यादि, इक,इकट्ठा.
  • ई (EE) – ईख, ईख, ईशान, ईंधन, ईठना. 
  • उ (U) – उल्लू, उकसाव, उग्रवाद, उचित, उचित. 
  • ऊ (Oo) – ऊन, ऊधम, ऊर्जा, ऊर्ण, ऊबना. 
  • ऋ (Ri) – ऋषि, ऋषि, ऋचा, ऋजु, ऋणात्मक. 
  • ए (E) – एक, एकठा, एकता, एकल, एक्स-रे. 
  • ऐ (Ei) ऐनक, ऐच्छिक, ऐनक, ऐलोपैथी, ऐड. 
  • ओ (O) ओखली, ओकना, ओठ, ओम, ओधा. 
  • औ (Ou) औरत, औकात, औचित्य, औजार, औद्योगिक. 
  • अं (Ang) – अंगूर, अंक, अंतर्राष्ट्रीय, अंकित, अंकुश. 
  • अ: (Ahh) – अःहा, दु:ख, अत:, दु:शासन, पुन:

Hindi Vyanjan Words

  • क (K) – कबूतर, कल, कला, कलम, कक्षा. 
  • ख (Kha) – खरगोश, खास, खजाना, खजूर, खाड़ी. 
  • ग (Ga) – गधा, ग्रामीण, गरीब, गहराई, गप. 
  • घ (Gha) – घर, घबराहट, घोषित, घपला, घड़ी. 
  • च (Cha) – चम्मच, चीन, चीनी, चार, चोर. 
  • छ (Chha) छतरी, छोटा, छपरा, छात्रा, छत. 
  • ज (Ja) – जहाज, जल, जगत, जापान, जर्मनी. 
  • झ Jha) – झंडा, झड़प, झुकना, झगड़ा, झरना. 
  • ञ (Na) – ञ, त्रिकोण, त्रस्त, त्रिकाल, त्रिखंड. 
  • ट (Ta) – टमाटर, टन, टपक, टाइम, टापू. 
  • ठ (Tha) – ठहरो, ठीक, ठेकेदार, ठग, ठप्पा. 
  • ड (Da) – डमरू, डब्बा, डकैत, डगर, डाक्टर. 
  • ढ (Dha) – ढक्कन, ढांचा, ढलाई, ढांचा, ढाका. 
  • त (Ta) – तरबूज़, तहत, तपस्वी, तारा, तार. 
  • थ (Tha) – थरमस, थूक, थकान, थाना, थाली. 
  • द (Da) – दवात, दल, दाल, दवा, देश. 
  • ध (Dha) – धनुष, धन, धान, ध्वज, धार्मिक. 
  • न (Na) – नल, नहर, नाखून, नाक, नल. 
  • प (Pa) – पतंग, पक्षी, पलंग, पंख, पंजाब. 
  • फ (Pha) – फल, फ्रांस, फल, फोन, फोटो. 
  • ब (Ba) – बतख़, बाल, बिहार, बीमार, बहन. 
  • भ (Bha) – भालू, भारत, भला, भक्ति, भण्डार.
  • म (Ma) – मछली,माता, मामू, मंत्री, महिला. 
  • य (Ya) – यान, यात्री, योगी, यातायात, यंत्र. 
  • र (Ra) – राजा, रानी, रूस, रोग, राम. 
  • ल (La) – लड्डू, लाल, लाभ, लोमड़ी, लोहा. 
  • व (Va) – वक, वतन, वेब, वेबसाइट, वफ़ा. 
  • श (Sha) – शरबत, शिक्षा, श्मशान, शव, शब्द. 
  • ष (Sha) – षटकोण, षड्यंत्र, षष्ठ, षटकर्म, षडंग. 
  • स (Sa) – सतरंग, साथी, सुरक्षा, सुरज, सफल. 
  • ह (Ha) – हल, हथियार, हाथी, हाथ, हल्दी. 
  • क्ष (Ksha) – क्षत्रिय, क्षति, क्षमा, क्षमता, क्षर. 
  • त्र (Tra)     त्रिशूल, त्रिपुरा, त्रिकोण, त्रोसी, त्रुटि. 
  • ज्ञ (Gya) – ज्ञानी, ज्ञान, ज्ञापन, ज्ञानवर्धक, ज्ञानदत्त. 
  • श्र  Shra श्रवण, श्रम, श्रेष्ठ, श्रदांजलि, श्रमिक।

Conclusion Points

In conclusion, Hindi alphabets and words provide an interesting way to learn a new language. Knowing how to write and read Hindi letters can open the doors to many fascinating conversations, stories, and cultures. 

It is an enjoyable challenge that will help expand your horizons and take you on a journey of exploration. 

For those looking for more help, there are countless resources available online to assist in the learning process. So why not give it a try?

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