How many consonants are there in the Hindi language? The answer might surprise you! With its rich history and diverse culture, Hindi is one of the world’s oldest languages. Millions speak it of people across India, and it has influenced various other languages around the globe.

While most languages have a fixed number of consonant sounds, Hindi takes it to another level with its extensive range of consonants. From the soft k to the heavy gh, Hindi boasts an impressive collection that adds depth and complexity to its linguistic tapestry.

व्यंजन, Vyanjan
How Many Consonants In Hindi?

Hindi, like many other languages, has a writing system that consists of more characters than spoken sounds. Here’s a breakdown of the Hindi consonants and how they are counted:

39 Consonants in Hindi:

Out of the 52 alphabets in the Hindi script, 33 are considered the main consonants, 4 are combined consonants, and 2 are binary consonants, making a total of 39 consonants. These consonants are as follows:

33 Main Consonants:

  • क (ka) ख (kha) ग (ga) घ (gha)
  • च (cha) छ (chha) ज (ja) झ (jha) ञ (nya)
  • ट (ṭa) ठ (ṭha) ड (ḍa) ढ (ḍha) ण (ṇa)
  • त (ta) थ (tha) द (da) ध (dha) न (na)
  • प (pa) फ (pha) ब (ba) भ (bha) म (ma)
  • य (ya) र (ra) ल (la) व (va)
  • श (sha) ष (ṣa) स (sa) ह (ha)

4 Combined Consonants:

  • क्ष (kṣa) त्र (tra) ज्ञ (jña) श्र (śra)

2 Binary Consonants:

ड़ (ṛa) ढ़ (ṛha)

35 Consonants in Hindi (Based on Pronunciation):

If we consider only the consonants that are pronounced distinctly in spoken Hindi, without including the combined and binary consonants, there are 35 consonants:

33 Main Consonants (same as above):

  • क (ka) ख (kha) ग (ga) घ (gha)
  • च (cha) छ (chha) ज (ja) झ (jha) ञ (nya)
  • ट (ṭa) ठ (ṭha) ड (ḍa) ढ (ḍha) ण (ṇa)
  • त (ta) थ (tha) द (da) ध (dha) न (na)
  • प (pa) फ (pha) ब (ba) भ (bha) म (ma)
  • य (ya) र (ra) ल (la) व (va)
  • श (sha) ष (ṣa) स (sa) ह (ha).

2 Binary Consonants (same as above):

  • ड़ (ṛa) ढ़ (ṛha).

So, depending on whether you count the combined and binary consonants, Hindi has either 35 or 39 consonants.

How Many Consonants In Hindi With Examples

Hindi has a total of 39 consonants, which include the main consonants, combined consonants, and binary consonants. Here are the Hindi consonants with examples for each:

Main Consonants (33):

  • 1. क (ka)
    Example: कमल (kamal) – Lotus
  • 2. ख (kha)
    Example: खगोलशास्त्र (khagolshastra) – Astronomy
  • 3. ग (ga)
    Example: गरम (garam) – Hot
  • 4. घ (gha)
    Example: घर (ghar) – House
  • 5. ङ (ṅa)
    Example: गंगा (Ganga) – The Ganges River
  • 6. च (cha)
    Example: चमक (chamak) – Sparkle
  • 7. छ (chha)
    Example: छाया (chhaya) – Shadow
  • 8. ज (ja)
    Example: जानकारी (jaankari) – Information
  • 9. झ (jha)
    Example: झूला (jhoola) – Swing
  • 10. ञ (nya)
    Example: ज्ञान (gyaan) – Knowledge
  • 11. ट (ṭa)
    Example: टोपी (ṭopi) – Hat
  • 12. ठ (ṭha)
    Example: ठंडा (ṭhaṇḍa) – Cold
  • 13. ड (ḍa)
    Example: डाक (ḍaak) – Mail
  • 14. ढ (ḍha)
    Example: ढलान (ḍhalan) – Slope
  • 15. ण (ṇa)
    Example: णकरा (ṇakra) – Mole
  • 16. त (ta)
    Example: तालाब (taalab) – Pond
  • 17. थ (tha)
    Example: थल (thal) – Ground
  • 18. द (da)
    Example: दरवाजा (darwaaja) – Door
  • 19. ध (dha)
    Example: धूप (dhoop) – Sunlight
  • 20. न (na)
    Example: नमकीन (namkeen) – Salty
  • 21. प (pa)
    Example: पुस्तक (pustak) – Book
  • 22. फ (pha)
    Example: फूल (phool) – Flower
  • 23. ब (ba)
    Example: बच्चा (baccha) – Child
  • 24. भ (bha)
    Example: भविष्य (bhavishya) – Future
  • 25. म (ma)
    Example: मिलना (milna) – To meet
  • 26. य (ya)
    Example: यात्रा (yaatra) – Journey
  • 27. र (ra)
    Example: रात (raat) – Night
  • 28. ल (la)
    Example: लकड़ी (lakdi) – Wood
  • 29. व (va)
    Example: विद्या (vidya) – Knowledge
  • 30. श (sha)
    Example: शिक्षक (shikshak) – Teacher
  • 31. ष (ṣa)
    Example: षड्यंत्र (ṣaḍyantra) – Conspiracy
  • 32. स (sa)
    Example: सुंदर (sundar) – Beautiful
  • 33. ह (ha)
    Example: हाथी (haathi) – Elephant

These are the 33 main consonants in Hindi, each with its corresponding example word.

Combined Consonants (4):

  • क्ष (kṣa) – Example: क्षेत्र (kṣetra) – Field
  • त्र (tra) – Example: त्रास (trās) – Fear
  • ज्ञ (jña) – Example: ज्ञान (jñān) – Knowledge
  • श्र (śra) – Example: श्रेष्ठ (śreṣṭha) – Best

Binary Consonants (2):

  • ड़ (ṛa) – Example: ड़ाकघर (ṛākghar) – Post Office
  • ढ़ (ṛha) – Example: ढ़लान (ṛhalān) – Terrace

These consonants make up the core of the Hindi language, allowing you to form various words and expressions.

From क to ह: How to Pronounce Hindi Consonants with Confidence

Consonant Example
क (ka) कमल (kamal) – Lotus
ख (kha) खगोलशास्त्र (khagolshastra) – Astronomy
ग (ga) गरम (garam) – Hot
घ (gha) घर (ghar) – House
ङ (ṅa) गंगा (Ganga) – The Ganges River
च (cha) चमक (chamak) – Sparkle
छ (chha) छाया (chhaya) – Shadow
ज (ja) जानकारी (jaankari) – Information
झ (jha) झूला (jhoola) – Swing
ञ (nya) ज्ञान (gyaan) – Knowledge
ट (ṭa) टोपी (ṭopi) – Hat
ठ (ṭha) ठंडा (ṭhaṇḍa) – Cold
ड (ḍa) डाक (ḍaak) – Mail
ढ (ḍha) ढलान (ḍhalan) – Slope
ण (ṇa) णकरा (ṇakra) – Mole
त (ta) तालाब (taalab) – Pond
थ (tha) थल (thal) – Ground
द (da) दरवाजा (darwaaja) – Door
ध (dha) धूप (dhoop) – Sunlight
न (na) नमकीन (namkeen) – Salty
प (pa) पुस्तक (pustak) – Book
फ (pha) फूल (phool) – Flower
ब (ba) बच्चा (baccha) – Child
भ (bha) भविष्य (bhavishya) – Future
म (ma) मिलना (milna) – To meet
य (ya) यात्रा (yaatra) – Journey
र (ra) रात (raat) – Night
ल (la) लकड़ी (lakdi) – Wood
व (va) विद्या (vidya) – Knowledge
श (sha) शिक्षक (shikshak) – Teacher
ष (ṣa) षड्यंत्र (ṣaḍyantra) – Conspiracy
स (sa) सुंदर (sundar) – Beautiful
ह (ha) हाथी (haathi) – Elephant

Conclusion Points

In conclusion, Hindi boasts a rich array of consonant sounds, with a total count of either 35 or 39, depending on how one chooses to categorize them.

This linguistic complexity adds depth and diversity to the language, allowing for a wide range of expression and communication. Whether it is the combined consonants or the binary ones, each holds its significance and plays a vital role in shaping the phonetic landscape of Hindi.

Exploring and understanding these consonants can open up new avenues for language learners and deepen their appreciation for this vibrant language. So, let us embrace the intricacies of Hindi’s consonants and continue to delve into its enchanting linguistic world.


1. How many consonants are there in the Hindi script?

In the Hindi script, there are a total of 39 consonants. This count includes 33 main consonants, 4 combined consonants, and 2 binary consonants.

2. What are the 33 main consonants in Hindi?

The 33 main consonants in Hindi are: क (ka), ख (kha), ग (ga), घ (gha), च (cha), छ (chha), ज (ja), झ (jha), ञ (nya), ट (ṭa), ठ (ṭha), ड (ḍa), ढ (ḍha), ण (ṇa), त (ta), थ (tha), द (da), ध (dha), न (na), प (pa), फ (pha), ब (ba), भ (bha), म (ma), य (ya), र (ra), ल (la), व (va), श (sha), ष (ṣa), स (sa), and ह (ha).

3. What are combined consonants in Hindi?

Combined consonants in Hindi are formed by combining two consonants to create a new sound. The four combined consonants in Hindi are: क्ष (kṣa), त्र (tra), ज्ञ (jña), and श्र (śra).

4. What are binary consonants in Hindi?

Binary consonants are unique to Hindi and are single characters that represent two consonants pronounced together. There are two binary consonants in Hindi: ड़ (ṛa) and ढ़ (ṛha).

5. How many consonants are there in spoken Hindi, excluding combined and binary consonants?

In spoken Hindi, when we exclude combined and binary consonants, there are 35 consonants. These include the 33 main consonants and the two binary consonants: ड़ (ṛa) and ढ़ (ṛha).

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