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Hindi Alphabets, hindi to English

What is the letter (Varna) ? Varna is the original sound that cannot be broken or broken. What is the alphabet for kids? The systematic group of characters is called ‘alphabets’.

45 characters (10 vowels +35 consonants) based on pronunciation in Hindi and 52 chars based on writing (13 vowels +35 consonants + 4 consonants).

Hindi Alphabets To English 

☛ Vowels

अ ☛ a

आ ☛ aa

इ  ☛i

ई ☛ee

उ ☛ u

ऊ ☛ oo

ए ☛ e

ऐ ☛ ai

ओ ☛ o

औ ☛ ou

अं ☛ an

अः ☛ aha

ऋ ☛ ri.

☛ Consonants

क  ☛k

ख ☛kha

ग ☛ga

घ ☛gha

ड ☛nya

च ☛cha

छ ☛chha

ज ☛ja

झ ☛jha

ञ ☛na

ट ☛ta

ठ ☛tha

ड ☛da

ढ ☛dha

ण ☛na

त ☛ta

थ ☛tha

द ☛da

ध ☛dha

न ☛na

प ☛pa

फ ☛fha

ब ☛ba

भ ☛bha

म ☛ma

य ☛ya

र ☛ra

ल ☛la

व ☛va

श ☛sha

ष ☛sha

स ☛sa

ह ☛ha

क्ष ☛ksha

त्र ☛tra

ज्ञ ☛gya.


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